Why Give?

Giving is one of the most practical ways that we can joyfully respond to God’s grace in our lives. Giving isn’t a way to gain favor with God – Jesus has already secured that for us. Giving is a response to God’s gifts and kindness to us. You may have heard someone say that the Bible talks more about money than it does anything else. It’s true. But we think it is better to say that the Bible uses money more than anything else to talk about issues of our heart.

Money collected in offerings and online giving is used to further the mission of Renewal Church in the surrounding neighborhoods and throughout the world.

Ways to Give

Give Online

Give by mail or on Sunday

Please make checks payable to Renewal Church and send to:

Renewal Church, 100 Arbor Ave, Unit A, West Chicago, IL 60185


Automatic Bill Pay

Setup instructions:

Every bank is different, and every online banking interface is also going to be different. The following is a general explanation of the process, and if you have additional questions about how to setup automatic bill pay, please contact your bank directly.

1) Log-in to your online banking. >> For example, www.usbank.com

2) Select “Bill Pay.”

3) Select “Add Payee or Bill.”

4) Enter the applicable information for Renewal Church. Our mailing address is [P.O. Box  West Chicago, IL 60185] and our office phone number is [#].

5) In the account number field, please include your phone number.

6) Select “Recurring Payment.” Enter the appropriate dollar amount and frequency.

7) Select “Finish” or “Add Bill”.