Renewal communities

Our Renewal Community is open to all people as reflective of our neighborhoods in order to build up, strengthen, live life with each other and grow in our relationship with God whether we are longtime believers or not yet believers. (1 Corinthians 14:26). We will do a sermon series.

We are a  community that is striving to love God, love one another and love our neighbors.  We are committed to grow as disciples as we make disciples.  We want to lead people into a more intimate relationship with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We will be studying 1 & 2nd Peter 
with the theme of Courage in Times of Trouble. 

Our group exists to walk through the Bible and grow in our love for the Word and God, our community and each other.

Our group exists to connect with each other, ask honest questions, listen, talk, explore the sermon and scriptures.

Our community is for Spanish speakers, English speakers and Spanish/English speakers of all levels who desire to share faith and learn about God in a bi-lingual environment. We study the Bible together, and share our languages as we do so.
We were not meant to go through this life alone, so we gather together to encourage, build one another up, provide accountability and grow in our knowledge and understanding of Jesus. Our hope is to intentionally love and serve one another and our community through invitation, connection and service.
We are a  community of diverse races, backgrounds and cultures striving to glorify God, care for one another and love our neighbors.  We are committed to grow together as we make disciples.

We exist to deepen relationships among those in our group by being in community together and serving our community together.

We get together and study the Bible, pray, and support each other.

Do you ever feel intimidated by the Bible? Do you have doubts or questions that wish you could ask in a safe place? This group is for anyone curious about the Bible and how to study  it. We will use Bible courses with some light homework each week that will help build on the next. The goal of this group is for everyone to commit to learning Scripture and to become comfortable with sharing  faith with others.
20/20 is a 7 week study that equips you to make a significant, eternal impact through your everyday life. You are seen, chosen, and sent by God and in this study, you will be equipped to see others as God sees you.

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